Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shurok - Painting #2

Shurok - painting #2  12x16  Oil on canvas panel

I made a 9x12 painting of Shurok after he died not long ago and sent the painting to his "mother" who is one of my "blog friends".

I liked the composition and the kitty (and his mom) well enough that I wanted a painting of Shurok for myself, so I made the painting - again. It helps me feel better!

I made this canvas panel as well. It's a piece of masonite with a pine "frame" and gallery-wrapped with 100% cotton duck. I'm not sure that I am comfortable not framing my paintings in the traditional sense. I just need to make sure that the sides are painted to match the main painting.


  1. Hi again :)
    I like the whole rendition of this second painting better than the first one: the colors, the drawing, the shadows, the detail on the wood... You're strengthening your darks and contrasts, aren't you? This painting looks more mature, I love it.
    I hate how I sound like a teacher or something, please forgive!
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Carolina. You can tell that I've been "listening" to you & Liz (Art With Liz) about darker darks! :-) I AM trying! :-) Maybe I need to go to the art supply store to buy some dark brushes?

    Ken B.


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