Monday, March 30, 2009

Morning Coffee I

$50.00 plus shipping
Morning Coffee I. 6"x8". Oil on masonite.

As I tried to wake up this morning the bright sunlight was coming in our dining room window making these (I think) really neat triangle shadows. Luckily, I was awake enough to grab my digital camera and get a digital photo so that I wouldn't lose the image.

I have some larger (16x20, 11x14 etc) pictures that I should be working on, but that blank "canvas" is staring back at me. . . . . . I even tinted them and they're still mighty blank!

Just another Manic Monday.

Southern Belle

Southern Belle 12"x12". Oil on masonite.

I really like the "attitude" this lady is showing. I guarantee that the expression wasn't planned! :-)

But I'm pleased that sometimes things just happen.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful - COLD - morning

7:00 AM Sunday morning. It's 32 degrees , the skies are totally clear, not a cloud anywhere and the sun is just rising. Three more pictres from our backyard.

The snow blew from the North leaving a "snow shadow" on the pergola frame.

My studio. There's ice under the white stuff on the deck. Slippery footing!

Snow "stuck" to the top part of the fence but not the other vertical fence parts.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So, how's YOUR spring?

It's March 28th and it's been snowing all day. We were awakened early this morning with sleet/hail hitting the windows and side of the house. The snow began falling after that and has been falling all day. Not much accumulation - just snowing, snowing, snowing big fluffy flakes. These pictures were taken around 6 PM.

Our backyard and my studio (looking East).

From our backyard (looking North)

Across the street (looking Southeast)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quiet Time

This is the finished painting. I added some shadows under the tree and did some glazing on the background hills.

I posted this as a work in progress on March 22nd in case you want to take a look.

List of 25 things

I decided to do a "List of 25" after I read Jessie's May 19th post of her list of 25 at The Cloud Factory
It seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  1. I want to travel for a week (or more) with my wife, Melissa, and not worry about our dogs being in a kennel.
  2. I hate the phrase "I hate . . . ." I'd prefer that people use "dislike very much"
  3. Why do airlines advertise one-way fares when you MUST buy a round trip ticket?
  4. It grinds on me like chewing aluminum foil when broadcasters say "Mr Jones, he . . . ."
  5. I'd like to read more, but I can't seem to get interested in a book.
  6. I like to listen to music when I paint. Any kind except "songs" that I can't whistle.
  7. I'd rather be making a painting than doing anything else that I do by myself.
  8. I want to finish my art studio. Putting up drywall and painting is about all that remains to be done.
  9. I really, really, really, really dislike "gardening". I DO like to look at a nicely kept garden, though.
  10. I'd prefer not to be in a small room with many people unless I'm near a door.
  11. I like going to a sport event (game) especially a baseball game.
  12. I'd rather go to a dentist than watch basketball on TV. A bunch of tall skinny people with squeaky shoes makes me nuts.
  13. I'm abxolutely puzzled by the money people will spend on basketball (tennis) shoes - or any article of clothing for that matter.
  14. What difference does it make what the weather forecast is?
  15. I don't wear a watch, but I check my phone time, or the computer time, or the time on the stove. What does that say about me?
  16. It bugs me when people use "actually" when they're describing something that happened or that they did. i.e. "I actually did this or that." Well, DUH, are you surprised??? OF COURSE YOU ACTUALLY DID!
  17. I'm afraid that I'm becoming an "OLD FART". Oh NO! I'll know when I am when I wear black socks with my tenny-runners and shorts.
  18. Don't tell me about your sex life.
  19. Where do people find those funny things that are emailed with a lengthy list of email addresses?
  20. How do my friends know so many people's email address?
  21. Why do TV programs and movies show so much "blood & guts" and killing?
  22. Why do people worry so much about violence?
  23. Does anybody really care who "Survives" or do they really care about the people in the "reality" TV programs?
  24. How troubled are people that they would talk about their personal problems on national TV? i.e. Dr Phil, Oprah, and etc?
  25. I AM an old fart. Where are those black socks? They cost HOW MUCH?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quiet Time

Quiet Time 12" x 18" Oil on masonite.

A couple enjoying some quiet time by the bay. Maybe they're dating, maybe they're just friends, maybe . . . .

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beach Family

Beach Family 8"x10" Oil on masonite.

This is my version of Karin Jurick's Week 27-28 challenge on her Different Strokes From Different Folks blog. Check out the other artists' paintings. It's really neat how different artists make such different paintings from the same photograph.

The challenge photograph is shown below. I moved the family members around a bit - mainly, I grouped them closer together.

The family has probably been on the beach too long, they're a bit red from the sun. :-) Dad was wise enough, of course, to put that white stuff on his nose so that his nose wouldn't burn. I guess he didn't think about his arms or legs!

Karin's photograph for the challenge.

Monday, March 16, 2009

From The Fairway - final version - SOLD

From The Fairway 24 x 30 Oil on canvas.

This painting was done for one of my friends in the Pacific Northwest. He saw a photograph of a golfer playing at or near Banff National Park in Canada and asked me to make a painting with the same "flavor."

I made three smaller "sketches" so that we could work out what he was looking for. Being 2,000 miles apart made consulting a bit challenging. We changed the format from square to rectangular.

Now I need to let it dry then package it for shipment.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sushi - Week 25-26 DSFDF Challenge

"Sushi" - 12x12 Oil on canvas panel

This is my attempt to render the Different Strokes From Different Folks (DSFDF) challenge. They're supposed to be "california rolls" with some sushi ginger and some wasabi on the plate.

Take a look at what others have done. It's really interesting how we all have a different take on the painting, but most are really the same only different! :-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New look for my blog

I'm trying a new template for this blog. Please let me know if you have an opinion about the new look.

Is anybody there? :-)

Four Works In Progress

These are four unfinished paintings that I'm working on. I move to another painting when I get "bored" with the one I'm working on at the moment. When I'm not working on these, I'm working on Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks biweekly challenge. The most recent challenge is SUSHI. The previous challenge was WIGS - see my wig effort below. Good grief!

"Kitchen Bouquet" 11x14 Oil on masonite

Melissa put this little bouquet on our kitchen table one day. After looking at it for a day or two it struck me that this might be a painting. I'm not a big fan of flowers especially still life flowers. Maybe it shows in this piece? DUH!!

"Man Playing Guitar" 11x14 Oil on masonite.

This is me pretending to play the guitar. I was in the Air Force in Bogota Colombia in the 60's and at the time going out after dark wasn't a very good idea. So my room mates and I would try to occupy our time without being destructive to ourselves.

"Dad Fishing With Chet" 11x14 Oil on masonite.

My brother and I were born in Central America in the early 40's and were there when WWII broke out. We couldn't get back to the states so we often went fishing for a diversion and (I suppose) to supplement our diet.

"104 Pearl Street" 11x14 Oil on masointe.

This is a building in Avoca, AR on Pearl Street that we pass every time we drive into town. I don't know much about the building, but I think it's interesting. The people are from pictures that I took at a local 4H event. I've never seen more than one or two people at 104 Pearl St.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WIGS - DSFDF Week 23-24 Challenge

WIGS - DSFDF Week 23-24 Challenge. 11x14 Oil on canvas panel.

This is my response to Karin Jurick's "Different Strokes From Different Folks" biweekly challenge. The challenge(s) and others' paintings can be found here.

The real storefront (not a wig shop) is located in downtown Rogers, AR.

This is the photograph posted in DSFDF.

Daisy BB Gun Museum in Rogers, AR

Daisy BB Gun Museum in Rogers, AR. 11x14 oil on canvas panel

This is a painting of the Daisy BB Gun Museum in downtown Rogers, AR. The Daisy factory is a short drive on the street to the right.

I make my canvas panels by glueing canvas to masonite. It's a little work, but I think that it's fun. I'm not sure that I like the texture of canvas (rough) compared to just gessoed masonite (smooth).