Wednesday, March 25, 2009

List of 25 things

I decided to do a "List of 25" after I read Jessie's May 19th post of her list of 25 at The Cloud Factory
It seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  1. I want to travel for a week (or more) with my wife, Melissa, and not worry about our dogs being in a kennel.
  2. I hate the phrase "I hate . . . ." I'd prefer that people use "dislike very much"
  3. Why do airlines advertise one-way fares when you MUST buy a round trip ticket?
  4. It grinds on me like chewing aluminum foil when broadcasters say "Mr Jones, he . . . ."
  5. I'd like to read more, but I can't seem to get interested in a book.
  6. I like to listen to music when I paint. Any kind except "songs" that I can't whistle.
  7. I'd rather be making a painting than doing anything else that I do by myself.
  8. I want to finish my art studio. Putting up drywall and painting is about all that remains to be done.
  9. I really, really, really, really dislike "gardening". I DO like to look at a nicely kept garden, though.
  10. I'd prefer not to be in a small room with many people unless I'm near a door.
  11. I like going to a sport event (game) especially a baseball game.
  12. I'd rather go to a dentist than watch basketball on TV. A bunch of tall skinny people with squeaky shoes makes me nuts.
  13. I'm abxolutely puzzled by the money people will spend on basketball (tennis) shoes - or any article of clothing for that matter.
  14. What difference does it make what the weather forecast is?
  15. I don't wear a watch, but I check my phone time, or the computer time, or the time on the stove. What does that say about me?
  16. It bugs me when people use "actually" when they're describing something that happened or that they did. i.e. "I actually did this or that." Well, DUH, are you surprised??? OF COURSE YOU ACTUALLY DID!
  17. I'm afraid that I'm becoming an "OLD FART". Oh NO! I'll know when I am when I wear black socks with my tenny-runners and shorts.
  18. Don't tell me about your sex life.
  19. Where do people find those funny things that are emailed with a lengthy list of email addresses?
  20. How do my friends know so many people's email address?
  21. Why do TV programs and movies show so much "blood & guts" and killing?
  22. Why do people worry so much about violence?
  23. Does anybody really care who "Survives" or do they really care about the people in the "reality" TV programs?
  24. How troubled are people that they would talk about their personal problems on national TV? i.e. Dr Phil, Oprah, and etc?
  25. I AM an old fart. Where are those black socks? They cost HOW MUCH?


  1. Just because. And that's about all you really need to know.

  2. And I thought that things happened because somebody COULD do it, not that they SHOULD do it!

  3. I guess I am also an old fart and make no excuses. I am really not so old agewise, but am settled enough to be comfortable in my skin. Hopefully we will meet many old farts!!!

  4. "I'd like to read more, but I can't seem to get interested in a book..." good one ;)

  5. "I'd like to read more, but I can't seem to get interested in a book..." good one ;)


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