Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day Laborer - Coosa Valley, Alabama

$75.00 plus shipping
Day Laborer - Coosa Valley, Alabama  9x12  Oils on Masonite Panel

I saw a photo similar to this in the National Archives website that "told me" that I needed to make this painting . I got this far in about three or four hours over two days.

I might make a larger version if the mood strikes me.
The white rectangle on the side of the building is (should be) a sign of some sort. The space needed something and a window near the stairs didn't make sense to me.  AND I need to straighten the "sign".  :-)  Perspective, perspective perspective.  Sort of like gravity - it doesn't stop.

If you see yourself or your work and you do not want it to be here, please send me an email and I will remove the post.

May 3, 2010 - updated photo.

I think that I improved the perspective on the notice but the printing leaves something to work on - in another time.

I'm beginning to like this painting!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Menton France - Old Man Reading Newspaper near archway

$150.00 plus shipping
Man Reading His Newspaper   17x24 Oils on canvas panel

This painting is inspired by two of Jilly's Menton Daily Photos.  The man walking through the arch and the stariway on the right is one photo "Up Down and Roundabout". The gentleman reading his newspaper is from another photo "Old Wall, Old Man".

 April 21, 2010  -  update.

I did some of my fiddlin' - put the other leg of the bench in, and put the vertical things in the hand rail (what are they called anyway?).

Menton France - Creole Mass #1

$100.00 plus shipping
Menton France - Creole Mass 1  12x16  Oils on canvas panel

Another painting inspired by Jilly's Menton Daily Photo blog pages!

Jilly has this knack for making photographs that are interesting, colorful and show Menton, Frnace in such a wonderful light.  The people and are so colorful that I could make paintings from her photos without end.

I'll call this painting done although I may return to it to "play" with those beads around her neck! :-)  Fiddling, fiddling - leave it alone, already!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Outdoor cafe - Triangle of Light

$150.00 plus shipping
Outdoor cafe - Triangle of Light 18x24  Oils on masonite

Another painting inspired by Jilly's Mendon Daily Photo blog. This is a composite of three of her photos.

The couple on the left and the fellow standing under the umbrellacame from Le Martina.

The background and the three young men on the right came from Triangle.

I'm struggling with the gentleman sitting at the table on the left. What's new?

 April 21, 2010 - update.

I did a few things - most importantly (to me) making the man's head larger (the man sitting in the left of the painting).

Cropduster dusting

$150.00 plus shipping
Cropduster Duster  17x24  Oils on masonite

I've done farming scenes before but when I saw a photo of a cropduster, well I had to make a painting. I don't particularly enjoy making landscapes (everybody does landscapes) so I hedged a bit and put in an airplane.

Still some work to do on the airplane itself then make the suggestion of spray coming from the sprayer doo-dads under the plane wings.

The unusual size (17x24) is a result of measuring three times and still getting it wrong at the saw. "Only" an inch off!  I could have been more wrong - and have.

 April 21, 2010 - update.

I gave the airplane a propeller - it isn't a jet after all!  I also put a light cerulean blue glaze on the mountains and the far edge of the field..

 April 24, 2010 - update

I put rows of crops in the field that the plane is dusting. It wasn't a lawn, for crying out loud! The rows are neatly done - Farmer Brown saved some money on the plowing so that she/he could have the field sprayed today. :-) Isn't art fun?

Menton France - Creole Dancer 1

$100.00 plus shipping
Creole Dancer 1   12x16  Oil on canvas panel

Inspiration for this painting came from Jilly's Menton Daily Photo blog. Jilly's blog contains page after page after page of wonderful and colorful photographs. Beautifully done and with informative descriptions and interesting "smaller" photos.

I have a bit more to do with this Creole dancer then I'll put it in a frame and call it DONE!

 April 21, 2010 - Image update.

I wanted to put more shadow on the right side of the lady's face - I'm not sure that it worked.  dang!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friends Relaxing in a sidewalk cafe

Friends Relaxing In a Sidewalk Cafe  18x24  Oils on canvas panel

Work in progress - April 7, 2010

This painting came about after looking at many of Jilly's posts in her Menton Daily Photo blog.  This painting is  combination of several of Jilly's photos - four, if you're counting.

This is a first "rough draft"; I have more work to do with the people. The restaurant seems OK now I think.  But the people . . . . .   ?

 Work in progress - April 8, 2010

I made a "few" changes to just about everything; the people, the mirror the doors to  the restaurant blah, blah, blah and blah.  The waiter (wait person?) still seems to be more of a mannequin than a person, though. I am beginning to be pleased with this painting.

I need to have the lady in the red sweater resting her elbow on SOMETHING instead of just hanging in the air!  Dang! 

Another few hours and I'll stop putzing around with this painting.  Enough, already! 

FINISHED - April 11, 2010