Friday, April 16, 2010

Cropduster dusting

$150.00 plus shipping
Cropduster Duster  17x24  Oils on masonite

I've done farming scenes before but when I saw a photo of a cropduster, well I had to make a painting. I don't particularly enjoy making landscapes (everybody does landscapes) so I hedged a bit and put in an airplane.

Still some work to do on the airplane itself then make the suggestion of spray coming from the sprayer doo-dads under the plane wings.

The unusual size (17x24) is a result of measuring three times and still getting it wrong at the saw. "Only" an inch off!  I could have been more wrong - and have.

 April 21, 2010 - update.

I gave the airplane a propeller - it isn't a jet after all!  I also put a light cerulean blue glaze on the mountains and the far edge of the field..

 April 24, 2010 - update

I put rows of crops in the field that the plane is dusting. It wasn't a lawn, for crying out loud! The rows are neatly done - Farmer Brown saved some money on the plowing so that she/he could have the field sprayed today. :-) Isn't art fun?


  1. Is it TOO realistic? :-) I didn't have anything (anybody?) but then it looked a little stupid without the "driver". So I "suggested" the pilot figure.

    I'm going to do something with him/her later. Don't know what, though!

    Ken B.

  2. Ken,
    I love the mountains and how you've used colors here, but the mountains are my favorite. Please don't tell the pilot, I don't want to hurt his feelings ;)

  3. Carolina, the pilot is clueless! I think that he/she has been snorting too many fumes lately! :-)

    Thank you for your comments.

    Ken B.


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