Friday, April 16, 2010

Outdoor cafe - Triangle of Light

$150.00 plus shipping
Outdoor cafe - Triangle of Light 18x24  Oils on masonite

Another painting inspired by Jilly's Mendon Daily Photo blog. This is a composite of three of her photos.

The couple on the left and the fellow standing under the umbrellacame from Le Martina.

The background and the three young men on the right came from Triangle.

I'm struggling with the gentleman sitting at the table on the left. What's new?

 April 21, 2010 - update.

I did a few things - most importantly (to me) making the man's head larger (the man sitting in the left of the painting).


  1. I like it! It is fun and joy. Only the intentions of the man in brown (at the right) are not clear to me:-)

  2. Hi Irina! I'm glad that you stopped by today! I've been busy as you might guess. :-) The man in brown is watching the other two doing whatever it is that they're doing - playing a board game? Having a "discussion"? He's safely out of the way nevertheless.

    Ken B.

  3. Another intriguing narrative painting. I love the way you set up space, and have such clear, beautifully rendered tableaus. Great composition.

  4. HI LIZ! It's really cool that you "dropped in" for a visit. I've done a little more fiddlin' with the guy eating lunch with the lady (the couple on the left). Need to get a photo posted! :-)

    Talk to you later!?.
    Ken B.

  5. I like the purple-ish hue of the grays.
    Now, you're a master of composition from photo-building! In my humble point of view, the original photos were a little cold and unpersonal, you've managed to create a cozy ambiance, very warm, bright and appealing. Really like it...


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