Friday, June 10, 2011

Wood Duck

$150.00 plus shipping
Wood Duck  16 x 20  oils on canvas panel

If I know nothing about birds, I know even LESS about ducks. Is a duck considered a bird? :-)  It has feathers and it flies, so I suppose it is a bird.

Again the coloring of this critter suckered me in to make this painting.  I realize that I need to put white spots of feathers on his breast but then I can claim that I was waiting for the paint to dry!?

Western Tanager

$75.00 plus shipping
Western Tanager   9 x 12   oils on canvas panel

I am definitely NOT a bird watcher person and have no clue where a person might see a Western Tanager.  I saw the picture on a U.S. Government website and liked the colors. Simple!

Blue Jay 2

$100.00 plus shipping
Blue Jay 2  14 x 16  oils on canvas panel

I'm MUCH happier with this Blue Jay! It's funny how paintings happen for me.  I struggled with the first one and this one just "happened".  I suppose that if I knew what I was doing I'd be selling paintings more often!  :-)

I made the background by rubbing paints of various colors with a cloth saturated with paint thinner onto the support. I let it dry for a couple of days then I painted the trees and the bird.

Blue Jay 1

$100.00 plus shipping
Blue Jay 1  12 x 18  oils on canvas panell

9/16/2011 - I painted over this "painting". I couldn't stand looking at it any more! :-)

I've been making paintings of birds lately. I don't know why, exactly. 

This Blue Jay is supposed to be in a piney woods but . . .   I need to practice painting pine needles! DUH
$100.00 plus shipping
Young Boy Near His Home  12 x 16  oils on canvas panel

I'm not sure about this painting. The figure is supposed to be a young boy/man.  I've made him look like an adult.  hmmmmmm?

Anyway the subject called to me for a while and Publish PostI finally made the painting.

French Gypsy 2

$150.00 plus shipping
French Gypsy 2  16 x 20  oils on canvas panel

This is my second portrait of this man. I saw the photo in Jilly Bennet's blog Menton Daily Photo 

The first painting is shown below.

Bluebird No 1

Bluebird - TA K E N
Bluebird No 1  9 x 12  oils on canvas panel

This painting of a Bluebird was created as a present for one of Melissa's friends who is retiring this year after a career of teaching in the elementary grades.