Friday, June 10, 2011

Wood Duck

$150.00 plus shipping
Wood Duck  16 x 20  oils on canvas panel

If I know nothing about birds, I know even LESS about ducks. Is a duck considered a bird? :-)  It has feathers and it flies, so I suppose it is a bird.

Again the coloring of this critter suckered me in to make this painting.  I realize that I need to put white spots of feathers on his breast but then I can claim that I was waiting for the paint to dry!?


  1. Hi, Ken, so you are becoming a serial bird painter, now?nice subject, indeed!This one looks very wise, and what a big size!

  2. Hi Sylviane! thank you for looking at my posts. I've not been a good boy in posting or leaving comments. I have been looking at your drawing posted yesterday (I think). VERY GOOD. And I really like your new (to me) blog profile "photo".


  3. The duck is great, and the water is so live.
    Serial bird painter? I like it, and I am.

  4. Hi Ken!
    I really like your bird series, very beautiful, and this one is my favorite, I love the colors and how it looks right to you... oh, btw, I'm not sure but some people insist ducks are birds so... I guess that must be a clue... ;)
    Un abrazo,

  5. Birds, cowboys, firefighters and now a wooden duck! You have been busy Ken. I love this duck! His colours are awesome! Who cares if you don't know anything about them, you can certainly paint them!


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