Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rogers Art Guild 2011 Spring Art Show & Sale

The Rogers Art Guild 2011 Spring Art Show & Sale is going to open Tuesday April 5th and run through Saturday April 16th in the Rogers Public Library, 711 South Dixieland Road, Rogers, AR 72758-4033. A map can be found here. 
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We will be hanging the artist's paintings Monday April 4th. The artwork will be judged for ribbons and prizes Monday April 11th.  On Saturday April 16th we'll have our "Meet The Artists" reception.

Come see us if you happen to be in Rogers, Arkansas in the first two weeks of April.

I'll make some photos to post after we have the show is installed. (Hopefully my camera will remember how to focus?)  :-)

Solo Art Show and Sale April 2011

Forty four (44) of my paintings are on display in the Zephyr Blevins Gallery inside the Rogers (AR) Little Theater. You can read about the Rogers Little Theater at their website here. It's a really cool place to visit for a live performance of just to look at the way theaters used to be built.  

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Melissa and I spent about two hours and got the job done without much trouble.  The paintings are hung on chains that hang from near the ceilings. The hooks that fit into the chains to hold the paintings are JUST small enough to fit through the chains links.

I'm posting a few photos now and will post some more later when we take better photos. For some reason both our cameras had focusing problems.  They're both "point & shoot" so why didn't they focus?  One of t hose sweet mysteries of life, I suppose.

In the theater lobby

Inside the gallery

Ken B hanging paintings

Beautiful Melissa amused by my "portrait of a chicken"

Melissa making photos of the exhibit

Almost finished setting up (the frame of the mirror is tin!)