Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First days of Spring - Snow, then & now

Sunday March 21, 2010. At least 5 inches of snow on the ground (and everything else for that matter).!

I cleared a path across the deck to get to my studio.

Tuesday March 23, 2010.  0 inches of snow on the ground. 

There are a few "clumps" of snow here and there on the ground and on the North-facing roof tops. The ground (lawn) is moooshy soggy. And the mud sticks to the bottoms of our shoes - good for making bricks, maybe?


  1. Now I'm not sure if you cleared the ground, or the support! ;)
    What a beautiful sunshine is showing already... you're lucky (even with mooshy and soggy stuff at all -those words gave me a hard time, I had to check on a couple of dicts to understand, but now I know something else :)
    Warm regards,

  2. Thank you Carolina! I think that "MOOSHY" really isn't a proper "word" it's one of those American Slang things.

    As to your ground or support comment in these photos - I needed "support" AFTER I cleared the "ground". hee hee hee hee ho ho

    I'll use fewer slang words - or try! :-)
    Ken B.

  3. Oh, that's cool, it's not a complaint. I like learning stuff, so if I don't find the meaning... I'll ask you :D

  4. Hi Ken, no more snow I see. Don't know anything about grounds and supports, we just call them canvases over here - nothing too complicated!!
    I clicked on both Henri and your Cherry Blossoms to get the full effect and absolutely love them both. The way you painted Henri is more like I wanted to paint my horse! And if your large cherry blossom ground/support/canvas looks anything like the small cherry blossom ground/support/canvas, it is going to be awesome!


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