Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy WARM Tuesday

Today we had temps in the low 70s F and almost all of the snow is gone!  Hoorah! I was busy making a 36"x36" canvas for my daughter's painting.  I cut up a 2x4 piece of lumber to make the stretchers. The idea is that I'll take the canvas off of the stretchers for mailing when the painting is finished, dry, varnished and etc. Sounds like a good idea - we'll see.

The last of the snow! That's the rain barrel that jumped out and kicked me in the leg for no reason! The barrell with 60 gallons of water frozen solid and it JUMPED and hit me! Amazing!  :-)

Me in the sizzling heat of 73 F making the 36x36 canvas. :-) 

73 is hot when the temperature 2 days ago was freezing and 5+ inches of snow! 

Good grief!  More photos in my Art Studio Blog.  

(I was smiling - the photo just doesn't show it)  Really!


  1. I can see the smile in your face, err, eyes ;D
    It's incredible what happened with that barrel. How's the leg doing?
    Now that the temperature is warming up I guess the varnished painting will dry faster...
    I'm going to bed now, I'm sooo tired
    Warm regards,

  2. My legs are fine! I do not have the stamina that I would like - walking up long stairs is tiring.

    I hope that you had/have a good nights sleep and are rested for another busy day.

    Ken B.


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