Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woman Outside in summer

Woman Outside In Summer  20x25  Oils on canvas panel

Image update 3/31/2010.

I have some work to do, but thought that I'd post the painting anyway!  I need to let the paint dry then I'll put in shadows and do some glazes.

Overall, though I'm not totally unhappy with what I've done so far.

3/31/2010 - Wednesday afternoon.  Although I had done all that I am going to do with this painting, I made a new photo just this afternoon for this update. 

4/7/2010 - couldn't help myself - I had to "fix" some things.  NOW it's finished!

I'm not sure that the title of this painting makes sense, even to me.  There she sits wearing a sweater, a blanket over the back of her chair and a jacket on the other chair.  Maybe it's early Spring?


  1. It's great so far. I love the pose and the hat, and the great collection of shapes.

  2. Howdy there Liz H! I really happy that you like this painting so far. I was hoping that the empty chair would be "interesting", maybe mysterious but it's just THERE being blah. All of the straight lines interested me - the window treatment (vertical blinds), the window frames and the patio lines. Now if only I can make some darker shadows . . . .

    Thanks for dropping by. (It's been a while)
    Ken B.


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