Saturday, March 20, 2010

Having a snow day - March 20, 2010!

Yesterday afternoon the mid-afternoon temperatures were in the mid 60s F.  About the same time today, SNOW and temperatures in the low 30s F.

4 PM Saturday
A dusting of sleet & hail

5 PM Saturday

1/2 inch fluffy snow on top of the sleet & hail. Very slippery.

The dogs like to eat the snow.  Go figure. They also like to run then put on the "brakes" so that they slide.  I don't encourage them.


  1. Love the dogs. You've got a fascinating mix there, Ken.

  2. Hi Jilly! The large dogs are Boxers; the one to the rear is Casey - almost 5 yrs. The dog in front is a Miniature Schnauzer, Bella - 3 yrs. Simon (Boxer in the middle) 4 yrs. They're all lap-dogs, or at least they TRY to be!

    Thank you for coming into my blog!
    Ken B.

  3. I love them :) They act like kids, don't they? I just can't imagine them running and sliding... dogs are so smart! I wish I could have a dog, (or a cat), but I don't have a yard/garden at home, so... (and the hubby isn't much of a fan of the idea, so...)
    I'll go check the last post :)

  4. Carolina, those 3 dogs have it MUCH better than most children for sure! :-) My daughters are grown and have their own lives in Seattle area so the dogs are the next best thing to young people.

    I'm sorry that you aren't able to have a pet, but with your busy schedule . . . (Posiblemente mas tarde?)

    As always I'm very pleased that you "dropped by"

    Ken B.

  5. Hi Carolina! Quickly! Now is your opportunity to go "FIND" a pet! It followed you home & what could you do but let the poor thing stay? :-) He would love the surprise. Ha Ha Ha

    I hope that "hubby" enjoys his time in Seattle. I think that the weather is dreary, but the people are warm. (Most of the people are, I think.)

    Ken B.


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