Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Children Sitting On A Park Bench

Children Sitting On A Park Bench   16x20  Oils on canvas panel

Image updated 3/31/2010

These two are intently watching something in the grass. I wonder what it is?  :-)

I'll glare at this one for a while - I feel the need to make more showdowy shadows! The light is coming from the right but the children's shadows don't show that clearly - if at all.

I took a break from making canvases and frames to make a painting.  My palette had some two-day-old glumps of paint on it so . . . .   Surprisingly some had not dried at all and some were completely dry!  I dislike wasting paint, but I like to have enough on my palette that I don't have to find the tube then squeeze out some more.  Half the time I don't know the name of the color I'm using at the time anyhow!  Much of what I do is straight out of the tube - for instance the boy's shirt is four or five reds with Gamblin's Radiant Magenta as the lightest "red".

3/31/2010 - UPDATE - I darkened the "shadow" side of the foreground objects - the children, the tree and the trash container.


  1. I think I have seen these kids somewhere.. I like it.

  2. Hi Irina! I saw your comment and approved it, but now it's gone - the post said 1 comment . . . Now the count should be 2?!?!

    I wonder where you have seen the children? Hmmmmmm :-)

    VERY VERY happy that you're safe and extremely sad that some people in Moscow were killed or injured. Please be safe.

    Ken B.

  3. Hi Ken,
    Very nice painting, the children are so lovely. The girl is simply adorable! You have managed to include all the beauty, innocence and joy of kids playing.
    I don't like wasting oil painting when I paint either (that said, I've painted with oils like... 6-7 times?), but here in Lima the oils last almost fresh on the pallete for more than a couple of days. I think it is because of the high humidity of the air (it's like 70% in summer, and we reach 100% in winter).
    Un gran abrazo :):):)

  4. Thank you Carolina. I now have an updated image in the posting. Hopefully it looks better - I didn't want to spoil it.

    Ken B.


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