Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Antique Dealer - Menton France

$175.00 plus shipping
The Antique Dealer - Menton France  18x24  Oils on canvas panel

Another painting inspired by Jilly's Menton Daily Photos. This fellow is an antique dealer sitting on one of his pieces looking a "bit" displeased with something. Maybe it was the last meal he ate, maybe there are no customers. Maybe, perhaps, who knows?

I think that his eyes are kind but his mouth reflects some disappointment(s)?


  1. Every new painting of yours turns out better and better. I remember this man's photo, very remarkable. Your progress is really great.

  2. I recognized that face! I remembered the photo, you nailed it!
    Interesting questions, maybe he... was disapointed for not being the first one chosen for a portrait. He was thinking "Henri, you won! grrr" Sorry, you made me...!
    Warm regards,

  3. Hello Irina. Thank you for your compliment. BLUSH! :-) Maybe if I make enough paintings someday somebody will want to give me some money for one so that they can take it home! :-) Then I could maybe buy more painting things. ha ha ha

    Ken B.

  4. Carolina, The Antique Dealer was certainly in a sour mood LONG before I met his image on Menton Daily Photos! :-( I think that he might be chilly although the sun is bright. His jacket while not fastened is snugged up around his ears. AND he is sitting on the "FOR SALE" couch - no buyer! :-)

    Ken B.


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