Monday, March 22, 2010

Henri Rests A While

Henri Rests A While  12x16  Oil on canvas panel

This painting of Henri is another really wonderful from the blog Menton Daily Photos by Jilly.

After reading Jilly's narrative accompanying the photos of Henri I think that he's a guy that I wouldn't mind "hanging out" with.  There is another photo of Henri on "his" page that I might attempt but his expression in this photo spoke to me.

Thanks, Jilly for letting "us" look at your world!

I thnk that I'm not going to do any more with this, but . . . .   I think maybe his eyes need some attention.


  1. Oh, my, he's quite a character! I think you've captured a better looking Henri than the real life photo. Your painting shows the lively personality he seems to have, but without the heavy weight of his old age and ailments that the photo crudely shows. (And I love the light/shadows btw, the light is almost in the background and foregrnd is in shadow, great!)
    Warm regards,

  2. Carolina, you sure do know how to make a struggling artist feel GOOD! :-) Thank you!

    (Have you "found" your "lost" pet?) :-)

    we'll talk again soon, I'm sure.
    Ken B.

  3. The painting turned out great! I have not seen Jilly's original before, thank you for the link.
    Yours' Henri is very special and unique. I see you are so productive these weeks, which is great after interruption, caused by leg problem.
    As for snow in Arizona... nothing can get me surprised after I've seen snow in Moscow!

  4. Hi Irina! Now that I know you and where you live, I'm somewhat reluctant to make blog posts showing our snow! :-) But to have more than 5 inches of snow on the first day of Spring is just WRONG! ;-)

    We read in the local paper that many gardeners had already begun planting their vegetables. Then cold weather and snow!

    I hope that your spring and warm weather arrive soon.

    Ken B.


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