Sunday, March 21, 2010

Having a snow morning!

Snowy Sunday March 21, 2010 morning!

That's my studio in the back yard. There is four (4) inches on the ground (roofs too, I suppose). I think that it's a safe bet that I won't be going to my little studio very soon today!  :-)

Melissa's vegetable garden in the back yard. We almost put some onion sets in the ground but decided to wait until after Easter.

Looking south down the street in front of our house. Very pretty to look at.  The snow has covered the street since I took this photo earlier this morning.  I had to use my "snow shovel" to grope for the morning paper in our driveway. FOUND IT!  And thanks to the carrier delivery person, it was completely dry! 


  1. It is so very interesting to see your house, yard and around. Looks like a really nice place with a lot of greens in summer. Meanwhile the show scenes make me depressed (with all that snow mountains in Moscow :-))))).
    I am so glad that you found new source of inspiration with Jilly in Menton!
    I am glad you use your camera, it is so much easyer then painting (do not tell our photographers-friends!)
    Thank you for your comment in my blog.
    This is the link to the site which is great info source in various art fields. The lady taught me how to change my blog's decoration. Maybe you will be interested, too:

  2. Hi Irina! I have been emailing with Jilly (Menton Daily Photos) and trying to look at all of the blogs & websites that she participates. You and Jilly make me feel REALLY old with all that you two do! :-)

    I'll take a look at the "makingamark" web site. Thanks for the link.

    Ken B.

  3. That's a lot of snow... once again, I just can't imagine how cold it must be, never had snow... It must be like being in the freezer...
    Your first and last photos are very 'paintable', and I like the second especially because of the trees in the background, although I think it would be too difficult to render as a painting. But I love how those trees look.
    You've been very smart, Melissa and you, for deciding to wait a little more to start the veg garden, whooo!
    I'm sending you "warm summer regards" to melt a bit all that snow :)

  4. No no Ken, I thought it was warming up over there! It's finally starting to cool down over here - only 23 deg C yesterday! Your dogs are gorgeous, by the way, and that painting of the French place was really great - don't do anything else to it!!!

  5. Carolina & Liz. We didn't want and don't need any more cold and especially NO MORE SNOW! :-) This morning dawned bright and warming. The streets are relatively clear from the warming sunshine. We appreciate that you sent us "warm summer" ANYTHING!

    Yes, Liz. I hear you - leave the French place alone. Yes ma'am! :-)

    Carolina - if I could paint those trees I think that I could die & go to heaven happy! I need to practice making bare trees, that's all there is to it.

    We'll talk later, ladies. Thank you!
    Ken B.


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