Thursday, January 29, 2009

Todays Painting - "Man Sitting On A Wall" + Ice Storm

Man Sitting On A Wall. 5.5" x 12" oil on masonite

I'm doing about five or six of these 5.5" x 12" pieces 'cuz I have some scraps of masonite that size. Maybe I'll do a larger picture from one or more of them. Meanwhile, it's fun to just get a painting done in a few hours.

We lost power for about 40 minutes this evening. Some people in the vicinity have been without power for a couple of days. We have our "survival" box and had just about settled in for a night without electric when it came back on.

Some photos taken today..... The temperature went into the high 30's and most of the tree ice is melted. We still have a couple of inches of ice on our back deck, the front yard & the driveway. One of our neighbors got stuck on a hill covered with ice on the road out of here so Melissa & I hopped in our Subaru & pulled her car up an ice hill to get her going home again. LOVE THAT Subaru!!!!!!

A hawk sitting in the tree just across the street! Way cool! I've seen three of these guys flying together around here. (The vertical thing is part of the tree that broke off from the ice storm.) I took this photo from our front bedroom - my cold weather art studio.

I hope that seeing these big birds never gets mundane for me!

Looking North from our back yard. The trees are covered with about 1/2 inch of ice. Limbs are bending; some are breaking off. Nothing compared to the damage in Springdale and Fayetteville.

The South side of our house. Even the icecicles have icecicles! The siding boards are 5 inches to give you an idea of how long the ice is.

Ice fuzz on our wrought iron fence. It was foggy this morning and this ice fuzz was all over everything! Pretty, I guess. "Ice fuzz" is the technical term, right?

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