Monday, January 26, 2009

It's ME 2! - Another self portrait - more or less

"Sitting" For a Self Portrait. 7 1/2" x 11 1/2" - oil on plywood panel.

What can I say? I had a scrap of 1/8" plywood, slapped some gesso on it and VIOLA! ME. I'm going to put one of my self-portraits on the February project. It's hosted by Marion Boddy-Evans and I've been really challenged by the 2 projects I've participated in. It's sort of like Karin Jurick's DSFDF blog. has much for me to look at in my art education. I'm self-taught so I read books and look at these oil painting websites/blogs.

We're having some freezing rain here in NW Arkansas. The weather service says that we could get up to 1 inch of ice accumulation with possible thunderstorms later. WHAT THE HEY? At least we're retired and don't HAVE to go anywhere or do anything we don't want to. I've been retired 9 months and I'm lovin' it. Especially when the weather goes poopy like tonight & tomorrow. The only problem is getting the dogs outside. Our deck is a skating rink as are our sidewalk & driveway. I'm probably going to go straight to hell, but I almost got sick laughing at Simon our "small" Boxer. Casey, our "big" Boxer has a bad knee so I have to get him onto the grass without any sliding. He and I sound like Rice Krispies when we walk together.

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