Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Icy in NW Arkansas! Brrrrrrrrr

It's been icing (freezing rain / sleet) since yesterday afternoon. Nice & quiet as nobody (except the postman) is going anywhere on the streets near us. We're warm and safe inside, Melissa is working on her gourd art and I'm saying that I'm going to paint. The only real concern that we have is that our electricity will go out. We're all electric so it's a real concern. So far we've had a few flickers, but no problem with electric YET!

Our three dogs playing on our deck in our backyard. The deck is under half an inch of ice. Casey is the Boxer nearest to the camera, Simon (Boxer) is on the right and Bella (miniature schnauzer) is on the left. I really, truly did try to get photos of their faces, but this is the view I see most often. So I take what I get.

My studio. Can't you hear Lara's Theme from Dr Zhivago? That's ICE on the ground. I don't leave footprints when I walk on it but I don't slip and slide. I don't get it, but that's about par for me.

One of the coolest things I've seen yet. We heard a loud "CRACK" outside and I went out to investigate. I looked up at our roof and saw our turbine vents spinning and noticed that both vent doo-hickeys had icecicles sticking out from the sides! The camera stopped the motion, but the doo-hickey IS spinning rapidly! I never did find what made the loud cracking sound. Maybe ice breaking off the trees and falling onto our backyard deck?

Our neighborhood to the South of our house. There's a painting waiting to happen!

The trees are bending under the weight of the ice. Sure hope the temperature goes up. It's 27 F now and seems to be holding steady.

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