Monday, January 5, 2009

An art project and don't cry over spilled tea!

I'm interested in participating in an ABOUT.COM project to make a painting using two colors and white. The challenge is to use a color and it's compliment. I made two paintings of the picture they suggested using Cadmium Barium Orange, Prussian Blue and White.

I spent the better part of this afternoon trying to make a digital photograph of each painting. Melissa gave me some good pointers and I'm happy (sort of) the results. You should check out her website, she's done some really cool things with her gourd art. Anyway, my photos aren't going to get any better than this! See below.

Their photograph:

My paintings:

5 x 7 on masonite

6 x 8 on masonite

I'm struggling with the digital photos. Maybe I need a better light source(s)?

I just spilled a cup of green tea on my keyboard and it's still working. They say green tea is good for you, I guess it's good for keyboards too!

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