Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Gone Fishin" and other stuff

This is todays painting. I still don't have the picture taking worked out yet. The painting is 8 inch x 10 inch (on masonite) of a guy flyfishing in amountain stream. I think that I like it.

I haven't painted in a couple of days. Been going to the doctor and the vet. Casey, our 4 yr old boxer has knee problems and I had to have my sleep apnea CPAP machine follow up. Casey got some medicine to ease the pain in his knee and I got a good report on my sleep apnea. During the initial sleep study I stopped breathing an average of 37 times an hour. According to the memory chip in my CPAP machine I'm "ONLY" stopping an average of 5 times an hour. When I stop breathing, my brain doesn't get enough oxygen - that might explain a lot! :-)

We took down our Christmas decorations - outside lights, inside tree and etc. The place looks real dark now!

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  1. Hi Dad. I like this one. you can see the action in it if that makes sense. maybe I mean the movement, almost like if you relax the eyes, you can see the water moving. :-) like the colors too.


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