Thursday, January 1, 2009

New paintings - Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2009!

It's a chilly but cloudless day today. Melissa & I took the dogs for their morning walk, or they took us. It's debatable who's in charge. I found a really nice rock full of seashell fossils - picture below. I'm fascinated that this part of Arkansas now 1,300 feet above sea level was under water millions of years ago. The quarter gives you some idea of the size of the sea shells. There are some plant impressions in there as well.

I'm working on several paintings. These are three that I'm working on presently.

White Wine. 8 x 12 on masonite.

Red Wine. 8 x 12 on masonite.

Corner of 1st Street & East Walnut. 8 x 10 on plywood panel. This is in downtown "old" Rogers, Arkansas.

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