Monday, January 12, 2009

A few things that I've been working on

Jefferson Memorial At Night - 8 x 10 on plywood panel

My submission to Karin Jurick's "challenge". See her blog at See the challenge submissions at check these blogs often. The different strokes is fun, Karin's blog motivates me to become a better artist - neat place to "lurk".

Abandoned In The Snow. 11 x 13 on masonite. I wanted to do a house in the snow and saw photos in the Seattle Times website where the sky and ground was YELLOW. Not what I would have thought for a night time snow painting.

Welcome Home. 11 x 14 on masonite. Same house as "Abandoned" but now somebody lives there and is fixing it up.

Melissa is showing some of her gourd art at the Rogers Public Library next week. I'm really proud of her for what she's done with her gourd art and now this! Whooooooo hoooooo! ! ! !

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