Monday, January 26, 2009

It's ME! (Or it's supposed to be.)

My self-portrait. 8 x 10 - oils on panel. (Click on the picture(s) for a larger view.)

This was done for the February 2008 Painting Project- Expressive Self-Portraits project. This is my first attempt at making a likeness of ANYBODY so I figured that I can't offend myself too much. I sort of like it - the eyes and mouth are killers for me. Not that the rest is something I'd brag about. But I'm learning - or hope so!

The litmus for whether one of my "head shot" paintings works is our smaller Boxer Simon. He growls at faces that he likes. He left the room when I showed him this painting. Casey (our older Boxer) is a TV guy and just hangs around for hugs.

I can't blame the camera for this photo - the picture of the painting is close to the true colors.

The photograph. I tried to look smart. It was a struggle. Simon growled at this photo. YES!!!!!!

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