Sunday, January 16, 2011

Young lady with sunglasses

$100.00 plus shipping.

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Young lady with sunglasses  12 x 16  Oils on canvas panel

I know, I know, I know! I said in the last post that I wasn't going to make more paintings with people's faces! yah yah yah.

Well I had made this painting BEFORE I had made the painting of the DC-3 airplane painting.

I don't know if this is anybody in real life. If it is, I hope that they like it.  If they don't and they let me know then I'll remove this post.

I've been doing people wearing sunglasses for a while and I think that it's fun.  AND I don't have to paint their eyes! hooray! :-) Not really, though.


  1. I like this work. her hear is so live and so moving. As for the plane, I am sure a lot of people are inside it, so one more painting with people faces it is!

  2. A very nice portrait, indeed! I love her smile and fashionable glasses :)

  3. Irina, you eliminated my excuse! Maybe I'll paint a flower. THEN there will not be a face.

    Thank you Millie, for looking at my blog. Your kind remarks always make me smile.

    Ken B.


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