Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simon's Face

$100.00 plus shipping

If interested, contact me at
Simon's Face   12x16  Oils on canvas panel

Simon, our Boxer looking (trying to) look pitiful. He's a clown who looks at us without moving his head if at all possible. His eyes follow us, though and his face with those eyes is very expressive.

He believes that he's a lap dog but weighing close to 70 pounds, he doesn't get much lap time from us.  Although he does cuddle when Melissa or I sit on the sofa. Being a Boxer he uses his "hands" to poke at us for attention which works most of the time! :-)


  1. You have the most beautiful Simon ever! And of course that look works - every time! Two really wonderful portraits Ken.

  2. Thank you, Liz! Simon is a TOTAL character and one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever have to push off of your lap! :-)

    Ken B.

    PS He puts on that pitiful look frequently. It doesn't work with us - usually.


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