Monday, January 17, 2011

My display at the Rogers (Arkansas) Public Library

The Main Entrance of the Rogers (Arkansas) Public Library. The display case is just inside the double doors in the center of the photo

Ken B. - the muscle of the family while installing my paintings.
Melissa - the brains of the family.  I think that I had just whacked  my thumb with the hammer and she is struggling to not laugh out loud.  She's a really thoughtful person!

Left side of the display window

Center of the display window

The right side of the display window. Lots of empty space to the left out of the photo.

The library has a locked and lighted display case in the foyer of it's main entrance that people can install a display for no charge.

This is how the display looks after our first day of "setting up" at the Rogers Public Library.  We didn't realize how many paintings could be displayed and although I took many, there is room for more!  Tomorrow I'll take in a folding screen to hold several more paintings and get them off of the floor.  I'll take a count tomorrow to see how many paintings are on display.

Melissa did most of the arranging while I hammered little nails (brads?) into the blue - gray panels.  I have an air powered nailer in my studio and rarely use a hammer except to bang on things. (Bigger the hammer - better the fit).  Anyhow, my left thumb is might tender right now from being whacked by a deficient hammer operator (me).


  1. Ken, I hope your exhibition will be successful. I like the photos. Melissa and you are so nice people. All the paintings together in one place are so impressive!

  2. Hi Ken! This is awesome! Congratulations on your exhibition, can't tell you how I envy you!!!
    Good luck, and take care of that thumb :)
    Melissa seems very ready for a diplomatic job! hehe
    Muchos abrazos,

  3. Waouh!This exhibition is really impressive, Ken!
    So many big nice pictures, and all of them framed!You've made a big nice job! Contragulations, and I am sure you'll find patrons, or future patrons, overthere!

  4. Hi Ladies! Thank you for being so kind! The rules of the library prevent "sales" on the property, but "patrons" can contact me and I can "change the display" (remove it) if they want to purchase a painting.

    Thank you all for always being there for me. I appreciate it very much.

    Ken B.


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