Thursday, January 27, 2011

Billy - cowboy in the snow

work in progress
$150.00 plus shipping

Billy - cowboy in the snow  16x20  Oils on panel

Another cowboy with an alias. This is Billy who sometimes hangs out with Bob or vice versa.

This work in progress is pretty much done. A few things need to be worked on - his mouth for one!  I also think that I need to make the white coat fasteners a little less white.  And figure out how to paint a knot in his kerchief (ascot?) :-)

I'm going to let the painting dry then try to make snow happen on the painting.  The method I'll try is to make up a "puddle" of thinned gray and white paint then use a stiff bristled brush to splatter "snow".  I want the painting to be dry because if I mess up the snow I (hopefully) can wipe the painting clean then try again.

Anybody have a better idea for making it snow? I'd like the snow to be falling at an angle from left to right so I suppose that I'll tilt the painting then splatter from above.

NOTE!  How to "paint" snow

I found an excellent piece of advice (for me) in the "YOU ASKED" section of the Art Instruction Blog. Artist Mike Callahan had a good answer for the question of "How to Paint Falling Snow" - I tried it and I'm pleased with his method.


  1. He seems too happy and relaxed for the snow weather, I know by my own "weather reactions"). I will call him romantic cowboy in dandelions.
    Sorry I do not comment, I see my blogroll only too late in the evening to comment.(

  2. Hi Irina! Good to hear from you. I think that the cowboy is just accepted that he'll be cold and wet for the time being. :-) Maybe he's laughing at his partner who has fallen off of his horse and is struggling in the snow? ha ha ha ha

    We're getting (for us) a lot of snow today - about an inch a minute. No problems for us, but I "need" to keep our bird feeders full.

    Ken B.


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