Monday, January 24, 2011

WW I _ Rhinebeck-Aerodrome-Albatros-DVa

$100.00 plus shipping  

WW I Albatros-DVa  10x16 Oils on canvas panel

I saw a photo on the internet showing the . A video and photos can be seen here and here.  In 1917 WWI airplanes were made of wood but usually had frames covered with fabric. The Albatross was made of wood but it was formed plywood which needed no internal frames making this airplane lighter thus more maneuverable.

This airplane is very "artsy" and "pretty" in it's design as you can see in the (blurry) top view below. 


  1. Wow Ken! You have an affinity with airplanes that's for sure. I've missed quite a few of your postings and how fabulous that you've got your own display going! Your paintings look great all together like that (didn't know there were that many!) Your lady in her sunglasses is really special.

  2. Thank you, Liz. I've always loved being around airplanes - making models of them or when I was in the Air Force. Now I have time to paint them - actually I was a bit timid to paint them for some reason. :-)

    I hope that you're having and will have a great week.

    Ken B.


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