Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simon Sitting

$100.00 plus shipping

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Simon Sitting  12x16  oils on canvas panel

This is Simon, our male Boxer looking at birds on our bird feeder. I tried to get a photo of him in a noble Boxer standing show-dog pose but he had other ideas - as usual. :-)

He's definitely a people oriented dog who thinks that he's a lap dog. He's 100% boxer and uses his "hands" to get more attention than he already gets.

His best friend is our Miniature Schnauzer, Bella. I'll be making a painting of her next.  Simon weighs close to 70 pounds while Bella weighs approximately 20 pounds. Nobody can convince Bella that she isn't the "boss dog".

Bella and Simon spend a large part of their day (and sometimes nights) in our backyard chasing our resident Chipmunk who is in NO danger from these two! :-)

This photo is quite fuzzy and I'll work at trying to make a better photo of this painting. SIGH!


  1. I am glad to see you posting. Happy New Year!
    Simon looks very sporty.

  2. HI Irina! Happy New Year to you! This post is my first painting and post for 2011! Simon is truly "sporty", that's a fact. :-)
    He's very smart or cunning. I'm not sure which!

    Glad you stopped by - I've been looking at your posts haven't been leaving comments. Sorry. I'll do better now that the holidays are mostly past.

    Today is Melissa's birthday and we went out to a nearby restaurant serving "Latin" cuisine. Very good food and LOT of it. We bring some home every time and have that for our meal the next day(s). ;-)

    Ken B.

    Ken B>


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