Friday, January 21, 2011

RC-130A serial number 57-0512

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RC-130A serial number 57-0512  12 x 16  oils on canvas panel

I spent quite a bit of time flying in this airplane and others like it when I was in the US Air Force in the 1960s. 

My job in the Air Force was keeping the electronic navigation equipment working. Our mission was to fly straight and photograph the ground so that another branch of the US service could make accurate maps. Now satellites provide that information in real time e.g. NOW!

While I was in the AF I traveled to several countries in South America, Africa, the Marshall Islands, Vietnam and Japan. We also went to some other countries in South East Asia.

This airplane was still flying as a "civilian" aircraft in 2009 in Arizona. It's been upgraded over time but it's kind of impressive that a 50+ year-old aircraft is still going!

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