Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Mouse - the computer kind

$25.00 plus shipping
A Mouse - the computer kind  8.5 x 11  Oils on panel

I haven't done a mouse (of any kind) before and I saw a photo of this mouse while surfing the internet.

SO, I made this little painting in a short time. It might show that I didn't take a lot of time, but it was fun and it wasn't a person, an airplane or a landscape. And it certainly isn't a critter! :-)


  1. Which made me think that inspiration can be found everywhere)). It looks stylish, like these boots http://www.ljplus.ru/img4/k/m/kmaka/fratelli.jpg
    Thank you so much for your kindest comment.

  2. It's fun to paint things that are in our everyday life but don't really "see". :-)

    I'm beginning a series of cowboys - at least three anyway. Is three a series? I apologize already - there will be faces AND horses.

    Ken B.


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