Sunday, January 16, 2011

DC-3 taking off at dusk

$150.00 plus shipping

If interested, contact me at

DC-3 taking off at dusk  14 x 24  Oils on panel

I had a piece of gessoed panel lying around that is 14 x 24 inches. Not many subjects work on a long rectangular format. When I saw a photo of a WWII C-47 I decided to make it a civilian DC-3.  

I've been working on too  many people paintings so I've decided to make some paintings without people being the most obvious part of the painting.  

I'm putting together a sole exhibit at the local library and when I laid out the paintings, almost all were paintings of people!  More on the exhibit later. I do the setup tomorrow (Monday January 17th 2011)


  1. Thank you Lizzy! Maybe the people on the airplance could be your un-dead vampire-lunch? :-)

    Thanks for look at my stuff and being so nice and lovely. (Even though you ARE un-dead.)

    Ken B.


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