Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Street Scene - Market Day

Street Scene - Market Day  17x24  Oils on masonite panel

I'm betwixt and between with this one. It's probably very obvious, but I have forgotten where I was going with it! :-)  It made sense to me when I began but I haven't worked on it for several days and . . . . .

Maybe you have a "helpful" suggestion? 

I have almost decided to just paint over it and move on with something else. 


  1. This painting made me take a closer look. I like the colors of the buildings and the people passing by. I hope you don't paint over it.
    Have a nice evening:)
    Greetings from Norway:)

  2. Thank you for your support and for looking at my work! :-) I was trying to go with an abstract feel for the architecture and shadows but have an impressionist look for the pedestrians. I'll put it away for a day or two. Maybe I'll get over my pout. :-(

    Ken B.

  3. I like the composition, and the wood bases of the closest balcony. You shouldn't paint over it!

  4. Two votes to save the painting. Maybe I'll put it away for some time then approach it again.

    Ken B.


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