Friday, August 20, 2010

France - Menton - Creole Beauties

Creole Beauty 1
 $75.00 plus shipping
France - Menton - Creole Beauties  9x12  Oils on masonite panel

Sorry about the photographs. :-(  

Thanks to Jell Bennett's blog Menton Daily Photo for taking such wonderful photographs and giving me permission to use the photos to make paintings.

I apologize that I can't find the posting in Jilly's blog of this young lady. Dang! 

 Part of the Creole Du Cap posts are here.

 The paint is still wet on these and I'll continue working on them when the paint dries.

Creole Beauty 2
 $75.00 plus shipping

Creole Beauty 3
$75.00 plus shipping


  1. Gosh Ken, I've been leaving comments on your blog, but they don't seem to be travelling through to you at all! Hope this sees light of day. These faces are so full of character and I specially love the last one! She is beautiful.

  2. Hi Liz, I'm sorry you've had problems leaving comments. I hope they weren't naughty! :-)

    I've been working on the first two ladies. The first one appears to have a mustache while the middle one . . . . I dummo . .

    Talk to you later.

    Ken B.


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