Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cowboy roping wild mustang

Cowboy roping wild mustang  11x14  Oils on masonite panel

This was a fun painting to make. I didn't think that I could make a reasonably believable image of a horse. I've tried once before and it wasn't very pleasant to look at! :-)

I think that I've made a "REASONABLE" duo of horses and one cowboy. This was quickly done in about (maybe) three hours - I really don't know but it just came out of my brushes with only a few "ooopsies". (I usually have many).

By the way, in my painting the horse is gray, not bluish! I needed to get that said. :-)


  1. It looks dramatic, movement and tense. I never tried to draw horse, another challenge in my list.

  2. Hi Irina! Thank you. You've done cattle, just don't put horns on it and you have a horse! NOT! :-)

    Ken B.

  3. Hi Ken!
    You did a very nice job with the horses. I also find them hard to draw/paint, so I haven't tried to sketch one since high school I guess. I think it's a matter of how much you're familiar with the animal. I feel more comfortable thinking about sketching a dog than a horse, or a cat (never had a cat).
    I'll go check your other posts :)
    Un gran abrazo,

  4. Carolina! Where have you been? :-) Thank you for your comment(s). In 1962 I rode a horse for the first time and haven't been near one since. My backside is sore just thinking about it! :-)

    Ken B.


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