Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's too dang H O T ! ! !

This is a photo of our indoor/outdoor thermometer. The big number at the top is the outside temperature while the number a the bottom left is the inside temperature.  The sending unit is on the wall of our patio - in the shade! The temperature has been triple digits for several days with NO RAIN!  Enough, already. This is 38 celcius, by the way.


  1. Please keep safe, drink more water. We have some kind of a catastrophe here. 110F day, 80F night, smog and smoke from fires around the city hide the sun and no view in 100feet distance. 6 times more from normal level carbon in the air. I am at home, all windows locked, AC works non stop. Tomorrow I will have to go out, do not want to think about it. But it is much much better then villages at the east of Moscow, burnt to nothing. they are sure no weather change for 10 days more.
    Sorry to worry you, but please be thankful for what you have:-)

  2. You're the one who needs to take care of yourself! Just breathing with the heat and smoke could make you ill. Soon it will be winter and cold and I'll be whining about the snow! :-) We had some rain today and the temperatures outside were cooler.

    Ken B.


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