Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Spectators

$75.00 plus shipping
The Spectators  11x14  Oils on masonite panel

Two ladies watching an event below their window. The idea came from Jilly Bennet's blog Menton Daily Photo (a blog with very interesting photos and thoughtful commentary).

The ladies faces should be half in the sunlight and half in shadows.  My painting makes it appear as if their make up (cosmetics) is badly applied! :-)  I'll need to fix that!


  1. So many paintings all in one go!! Love this one Ken and I think you're being too hard on yourself. Also that deserted farm house is terrific. And the movement of the flamenco dancer ...

  2. Hi Liz, you certainly are good for my morale! :-) I've worked on the "Spectators" a bit and will post a new photo soon.

    Thanks for looking!

    Ken B.

  3. Me again saying you're good at face expressions (and at writing :)
    Muchos saludos,


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