Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flamenco in Menton France

$175.00 plus shipping
Flamenco in Menton, France  15x24  Oils on masonite panel

From a photo posted by Jill Bennett on her blog Mento Daily Photo. The lady in Jill's photo is Isabel Cortes who is leading a class in the annual Gorbio, Frnace, Flamenco Festival. I did NOT attempt to capture Mme Cortes' image, but used her form as a basis to begin.

My painting is not yet complete, but I am posting it anyway! :-)  Sorry for the glare in this photo my camera looks for these glare spots! :-(
The panel is half of a larger painting 24x30 that needed to be "downsized".  The luxury of using masonite panels is that I can make the size smaller by sawing off a section.


  1. Ooh Bravo! You've really got that sweep of arm, Ken. I like your representation of this wonderful lady.

  2. Thank you, Jilly! :-) As I said, I have some more work to do - I hope that I don't mess it up. No pressure. hah

    Ken B.


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