Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taking A Break - a work in progress

Taking A Break  18x24  Oil on Masonite

A WORK IN (not much) PROGRESS!

I started this a week or two ago then did a "manly thing" and hurt my leg so I couldn't get around for a while.  I'm making this from a photo I took at the Bentonville, AR Public Library Cafe. The lady in the photo is Melissa (my wife) and I'm the chunky blob on the right side.  I'm not EVEN TRYING to make a likeness, just  a reasonable-looking couple relaxing with an espressso.

I've putzed around with this for a couple of days now and it's beginning to shape up, but . . . .
If I were a carpenter I'd use a bigger hammer. Maybe I should use a bigger brush!   :-)  


  1. Thank you, Irina. Maybe I SHOULD leave it alone for a while and work on something else! :-) I'm sure that I have no brushes large enough to fix this painting. ha ha ha ha hmmmmmm.

    Don't stop making your drawings!

    Ken B.

  2. Hi Ken!
    It's looking great! It's got a very relaxed atmosphere...
    Best regards,

  3. Carolina, you're SO KIND! I didn't go to the studio today so maybe I won't be so grumpy at this painting tomorrow. :-)

    Ken B.

  4. Looking forward to the finished paintings! Sore leg or not, you've been busy Ken!

  5. Hi Liz. As expected, I have days when my legs are OK then very sore. I MUST exercise and do "rehab" exercises that are uncomfortable but sometimes I over do it and pay for it the next day.

    In many ways that's the story of my art. :-) Sometimes things just flow out of the brush onto the canvas. Other times I just spread paint in all the wrong places.

    You've been busy as well! I really like your portrait of the pooch, Xena

    Ken B.


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