Thursday, February 4, 2010

House of China - Eureka Springs, AR

House of China 16.5x24  Oil on panel

From several photos taken last summer in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Beautiful little town with many, many turn of the century homes and buildings.  A real fun tourist stop!

The House of China sells asian things. I'm not a shopper, so I don't know what to call the things in the store. But my daughter and my wife sure did enjoy buying a few things!


  1. Aha, you returned to your easel, which is great! I like the painting for its colors and composition, I like how you do the trees, they are always pain for me. I would add deaper shadows (not because I am so clever and talented, but because my teacher said that shadows add extra contrast and light to the painting and helt to jump forward for the main colors).

  2. I DO TRY to make darker darks, but my brushes and paints just won't make them for me! :-) Liz (Art With Liz) tells me the same thing, so I suppose you and she have been to the same teacher. I will listen.

    I'm trying to get into a local workshop (when IF I get the schedule). Maybe I can find some "darks" in a classroom. ;-)

    Thanks for the advice, I'll TRY to remember DARKER, DARKER, DARKER, DARKER, DARKER, DARKER, DARK. What?

    Ken B.


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