Monday, February 1, 2010

No news is good news.

We had another January 2 day snowfall last week that dumped 4-5 (or more) inches of snow at our house. How deep depends on where you measure. In our flat front yard the snow is about 4 inches deep. The snow is around 12 inches where the wind has blown the snow into drifts - around trees, shrubs & the corners of buildings.  We're getting "warm" temps (mid 30sF) in the day time so the snow melts but then the temps droop into low 20sF during the nighttime and the melted stuff freezes.  Traveling on our country roads is risky business!  We haven't been driving for almost a week.

I hurt my leg two weeks ago by trying to move a 50 gal barrel full of frozen rain water into a sunny spot. The barrel had other ideas and the barrel clipped my right leg.  I had to go to the emergency room to have it looked at. Nothing broken - just a HUGE bruise & swelling on my right thigh.  I'm able to exercises now to "rehab" my legs.  I think that my @#$%^ camera told the barrel to "get" me.

I have no photos of the paintings I've done or am working on. My @#$%^ camera is in Georgia at a camera hospital having the LCD viewfinder Iand I, hope, it's focus attitude) repaired. I dropped my camera just right so that the viewfinder was broken. The camera thinks that I did it on purpose. Maybe YES, mayber NO. I'll never tell. I'm not sure when I'll get the @#$%^ camera back.  I was surprised that it was less expensive to fix it than to buy another camera.

Enough blah blah blah.


  1. I am very sorry about the leg, which still is a problem. The camera and the barrel definitely have some connections, and these connections look to be against you. It is good that they do not friend something more dangerous then the barrel... have you received my reply?

  2. Hi Ken!
    I was wondering what was going on, for the long break since your last post :) I'm sorry for your accident, I hope your leg gets well really soon.
    It seems you're having 'so much fun' with the weather lately...mmm. It´s good you have your art to have something interesting to do at home, in the meanwhile (not being able to drive --> omg!)
    Hope to see photos on the next post :)
    Best regards,

  3. Irina, HI! Yes, I DID receive your reply but have been "busy" looking at Uncle Jemal's photos! Just between you and me, the camera TOLD the barrel to hurt me. It's our secret!

    Ken B.

  4. Hi Carolina! Yes, my leg IS improving, I can walk short distances well without crutches although I seem to have harder time after sitting a while.

    I can walk to my studio (keeping crutches close) and have made a couple of paintings. But now I must sit while I paint and I can't sit very long. Cry, whine, sob! :-) Every day the sun comes up and I'm a better than I was yesterday. With friends like Irina and you what more is there? :-)

    Thanks for checking

    Ken B.

  5. Please get that leg better and walking right - and don't you think it's time to make friends with your camera? Hah!

  6. Hi Liz - it was the @#$%^ camera that made the barrel fall on me! :-) Seriously, my leg is getting better every day. I've been without my crutches ALL DAY today! YAY! I sent the camera away to be repaired - it jumped out of my grasp and the LCD viewfinder wouldn't work any longer. Serves it right. I hope it's attitude is improved when I get it back. :-)

    Thanks for looking in on me
    Ken B.


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