Friday, February 26, 2010

An Award! (times two!)

My good friend Irina Rekhviashvili awarded me this "Sunshine Award". Irina created and posts to several blogs with truly amazing content. Take a look at her "profile page" and her "My Blogs" list.
I learned (DUH) that another good blogger friend Liz Pearson (Art With Liz) had presented me the Sunshine Award as well! I feel really dumb to have not acknowledged her kindness.  But, maybe, that's because of my male gender! :-)

This is my first (and second) blogers award! Part of the honor and duties is to "pass it forward" to 12 other bloggers.  A probliem is, I don't know if I know 12 bloggers that haven't already received this Sunshine Award!  :-)

Check back once in a while as I add names to the list of blogger recipients!


  1. Ken, I gave the award to Jala Pfaff, and only when I informed her (in a way of the comment to old post), I realised that my flower is the 5th which she got :-))) I felt a bit funny, but I pass good emotions, that is more important then the number of presenters. So please do not worry about that.

  2. Hi Irina, I'm not worried about awarding multiple "sunshine awards" to anybody. If they can't accept a token of friendship, then they need to get more sleep! :-)

    Thanks again,
    Ken B.

  3. Double congrats on the awards Ken, well deserved!
    Best regards,

  4. And Millie at has given me an award! What's happening? :-)

    I appreciate the kindness shown by those that chose me as a recipient. My job today is to pass the award on to 12 other bloggers!

    Ken B.


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