Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anuka - A Work In Progress

Anuka    16x20   Canvas panel

A Work In Progress.  I started this painting around 10 AM this morning I got this far by 2 PM.this afternoon.  Then I had to stop for the day. 

I have the foundation done pretty well (I think), now I need to make my darks darker (DUH?)  and just get the painting DONE!  The photo of my painting shows the painting a little lighter than the painting and there is some glare on the right side. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  :-)

I saw the photo of Anuka in a blog with gorgeous photographs taken in Georgia "Between Caucasus and the Black Sea". The photographer,Jemal Kasradze, is the uncle of Irina one of my "blogger" friends. Irina also makes some of the photographs in "Uncle Jemal's" blog.  :-)  You should take a look at both blogs ,they're really good.

I worked on this piece today (Feb 25th)  but I still have more work to do. Obviously!  I was able to darken her hair and I'm relatively "happy" with that. BUT, her face looks like one of the characters from The Munsters TV program!  Make it DARK DARK DARK There, I've said it and I know it!  But, dang, why are darks so hard for me? :-) 

Fiddly dee, tomorrow's another day!

 February 27th - worked on this painting some more. I'm beginning to like her eyes more. The photo doesn't represent her hair well - it's much darker in the painting.


  1. Come link your blog to We'd love for you to join us.

  2. Well, I am so pleased to see this post! I am so busy these days, get to my computer at night and can hardly put any comments. That is why I did not reply yesterday, as soon as I saw it. I am very glad you paint again, I am very glad Jemal's photo inspired you (Anuka is his granddaughter). I think the portrait looks great for the work in progress, wish to see the final version and to send it to Jemal. And thank you for the links. Jemal's blog has only Jemal's photos, I'm a finger on the mouse' button :-). Good luck!

  3. Hi Irina, I thought that some of those photos of Georgia were yours! DUH :-) Yes, I'm painting again although I have to sit most of the time. With my legs still not 100% I can't sit or stand very long before I have to move around and "stretch" my legs. I'll correct the post. Please don't work too hard - you need to make your art! :-)

    Warmest regards,
    Ken B.


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