Friday, October 29, 2010

An Owl

$50.00 plus shipping

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An Owl  7 3/4 x 12   Oils on canvas panel

I wanted a "little" different owl's face so I put a photo of an owl into my Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 (say that five times!) and did some cropping some "effects" and came up with something that looked almost like this painting.  I added more yellows and greens. A "normal" owl is a bit boring as far as plumage goes I think.

The actual painting is much more colorful than this photo, by the way! Halloween is this weekend, maybe I'll dress up as an owl high on LSD.


  1. Good thing that this is a small painting! It might be intimidating if were larger. Thank you, Melissa. xoxo (for the visitors, "aloha" and I are husband and wife) :-)

  2. I would not like to see these eyes as surprise at night))

  3. Hi Irina, thank you for looking and commenting! These eyes would be frightening even in the daylight! :-) I wanted to have fun with colors that didn't make sense for the subject.

    Ken B.


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