Thursday, November 11, 2010

Man On The Subway

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Man On The Subway  16x20  Oils on panel

11/14/2010 - updated photo

This fellow is trying to use his cell phone but seems to be hesitating while he decides which button to push with that poised forefinger.  All the while he's listening to his MP3 playing Aerosmith's Greates Hits.  The music volume is turned up enough so that the other passengers have moved away.  Or does he need a bath? hmmmmm

He has a courier pouch in his lap and a backpack on his back. Taking some work home or . . . . . ?

Surprisingly I completed this painting to this point in about five hours! I don't know what happened, my brushes worked well today. They've been "inoperative" lately. Couldn't make a painting worth a hoot no matter how I fussed at it.  Good grief.I'm going to stare at this one for a while something in it is bugging me - I don't know what yet. Do you?   :-)


  1. Another nice painting depicting everyday's life *clap*
    Did he know you took his photo? Many times, I was tempted to take pictures of people in the plane, sitting and reading on the other side of my aisle so I could do a painting afterward. But they always knew, from the corner of their eyes when I took out my camera, so I did not dare to aim at them :-(

  2. Hi Millie! I'm glad that you stopped by! I was browsing photos from Russia (I link jumped from one of Irina's blogs!) I don't where I was when I saw this photo. One interesting link led to another interesting link and . . . . . :-)

    I try to make photos like Jilly Bennett ( but when I press the camera button to make the photo everybody is looking away and all I see in the photo are people's backsides!

    Thanks again for looking at my blog.

    Ken B.


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