Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Quietly Thinking  12x16  Oils on canvas panel

Several titles went through my mind but "quietly thinking" resonated and fit the mood of this young lady.  Her gaze is steady, not troubled, not elated. Just thinking.  Ask a youngster what they're doing or thinking about and they'll tell you "NOTHING".  At least that's what my parents heard most of the time.  And what I heard as a father of two girls. Who grew up to be nice people to know, by the way.

I suppose that I could paint a cell phone into her right (our left) hand but that would be too much of a cliche.

This young lady isn't a child and she isn't yet an adult by definition. Young folks today have more to think about as teenagers than I had to think about when I was in my teens. The fact is, I didn't do too much serious thinking when I was a teenager, I guess.  :-)

I apologize for the photo of this painting. I've taken several dozen photos and either the glare is strong or the photo is blurry. The colors in the painting aren't represented very well.  I'll keep trying, though. My camera is sometimes surly and won't cooperate with me.  :-)

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