Friday, November 19, 2010

Lady in Yellow scarf 2

$75.00 plus shipping

If interested, contact me at
Lady in Yellow scarf 2   9x12  Oils on masonite

I posted this once before (I thought) in February 2009. Now I can't find it!  It seems that some of my posts and pictures have been seen so often that they've worn out!  :-)  NOT!

This is the other attempt to make this painting. The other is posted separately.

Being a person of the male gender, I understand that the fabric on this lady's head is probably not called a "scarf", but . . . .  Scheeeesh!


  1. You have changed her eyes, so her look has changed, the way she looks, she seems more concerned by us, doesn't she?
    Nice painting, Ken

  2. Thank you , Sllviane - I wanted to "improve" the first painting but didn't want to over paint it. So, I made another version! And I want to make corrections to this one thus yet ONE MORE version coming! Life is hard, having all this time to make paintings. :-) NOT!

    Ken B.


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