Thursday, November 18, 2010


$75.00 plus shipping

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Alain  9x12  Oils on canvas panel

This is a fellow featured in one of Jilly Bennett's posts in her Menton Daily Photo blog.

He is part of a street band (orchestra) that was preparing a meal, making music and being playful with the audience.  I'll try to find the post but . . . .

This was painted in February of 2010 and I'm just now posting it!


  1. Your latest posts about people are amazing and great. This one is my personal fav. This man has character and mood. And he is simpatico)) And I like how you use cool and warm colors.

  2. Thank you, Irina. This one is totally Jilly. I cropped the image to make this painting. I'm thinking that I'll make a larger painting - 11x14 or 16x20? Don't know.

    I enjoyed seeing your work in all of your blogs! You're a busy person working painting. It makes me weary thinking about all that you do! :-)

    Ken B.


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